Design Coordination

Learn how to coordinate spatial elements for design models.

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What you'll learn

In this course you will learn how to coordinate design changes from the federated design project with the energy modelling view.

3 Lessons

Design Coordination

Coordinate design changes for energy performance

Design Coordination

The energy view workflow process runs in parallel to traditional modelling practices to promote synergy between disciplines. This process is used for exchanging information between models, and our systematic procedures improve data translation quality across modelling tools.

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    Lesson 1: Modify federated design project
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    Lesson 2: Update building loads reports
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    Lesson 3: Run dynamic energy simulation
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Hello, I'm Jean,

As a director of Trailloop, I’m in charge of establishing the company’s vision while overseeing its daily operations. My educational background is in architectural technology and building science.


Frequently Asked Questions

Energy modellers developing building geometry for an energy simulation from a 3D design modelling tool. System engineers that use coordinated spatial models for designing systems according from architectural models. Architects that develop architectural design models in a collaborative and coordinated spatial environment with their engineering team.

The building modelling workflow requires a design authoring tool and an energy simulation application. The core process can be applied to many similar software tools, it is also tailored to suit each tool’s unique capabilities to assure interoperability stability while enabling new functionality to emerge.

The files exchanged from this process are imported and exported using the user’s local machine (desktop or laptop). The workflow uses files formats such as gbXML (Green Building Extensible Markup Language), IFC (Industry Foundation Classes), and CSV (Comma-Separated Values).

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