About Us

Finding a better way has been the driving force for our team’s relentless pursuit for innovation. We are constantly challenging the industry’s leading software tools to create new solutions.

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Our Mission
Organize the architecture, engineering, and construction industry to make sustainable buildings universally accessible.

The building industry’s performance requirements are constantly increasing, putting pressure on designers to perform complex analyses to meet carbon neutral targets, measuring fabric efficiency, ensuring occupant comfort, and reducing demand on heating/cooling systems.

The architectural and engineering models developed for coordination are rich in spatial data but unsuitable for exporting analytical space boundaries for energy simulation. Our building information modelling workflow crosses the semantic gap to interoperate between applications.

Leadership Team

Founder Jean Carrière
Jean Carrière

Our History

  1. September 2014
    Originated analytical modelling fundamentals
  2. February 2016
    Adapted workflow for detailed building models
  3. September 2016
    Created bi-directional data exchange script
  4. January 2019
    Unified the building modelling workflow
  5. May 2020
    Drafted the energy model integration guidebook
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