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Trailloop is an ecosystem of practical resources for building modelers who want to create high-quality energy models.

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Learn by doing with fast, efficient, project-based video courses.

Introduction to Building Analytical Modeling Concepts

An introductory course that provides an overview of the core concepts for integrating building information models with energy simulation applications.

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Create a Simplified 3D Building Model for Energy Simulation

An intermediate course for creating building analytical models from underlays and integrating this geometry and space data with energy simulation to reduce building loads.

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Configure an Architectural Model for Building Performance Analysis

An advanced course for converting detailed architectural models into building analytical models by using a workflow for integrating information from the design project.

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Trailloop’s building modeling methods and workflows can be used alongside the design process to exchange data between architectural models and energy simulation tools.

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A practical solution for a complicated problem.

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Increase your team’s productivity by seamlessly exchanging building modeling data across design tools to run high-quality energy simulations.

Manage a building modeling process that fits in your workflow using templates and rules to quickly build and edit energy models.

Create a feedback loop by facilitating the transfer of high-quality data between your design authoring tool and energy simulation application.

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